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Driving A Conveyor

Catoca Diamond Mining Plant Angola

Product: HRVS-DN
Motor Ratings:
6600V, 140A

Catoca Diamond
Mining Plant
Catoca, Angola

Because the plant is situated in a very remote location, voltage drop due to high motor inrush current during starting created problems at this facility. Diamond plant engineers in Angola contacted Solcon to help them reduce the current inrush while soft starting their main conveyors.

Solcon HRVS-DN medium voltage soft starters offer adjustable starting curves that eliminated the high inrush current that would disrupt the already unstable power grid. By using a soft starter they also reduced the high starting torque, eliminated the potential for damage to the conveyor belt and extended the life expectancy of the conveyor mechanical system.

The built in intelligent motor protection package provides enhanced supervision for both the motor and soft starter, further extending the life expectancy of the system.