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Driving Seawater Injection Pumps, Gas Compressors

HRVS-DN FPSO Berge Helene

Product: HRVS-DN
Motor Ratings:
6600 - 11000V, 80 - 400A

FPSO - Berge Helene

Berge Helene- converted to an FPSO at Keppel shipyard. The Chinguetti oil field, off the west coast of Mauritania, will be developed by the converted tanker ship Berge Helene (owner: Bergessen Offshore).

The gas compressors, seawater injection pumps, hot oil and emergency fire pumps will be soft started by Solcon's HRVS-DN Medium Voltage Soft-Starters. This will ensure motor startup while eliminating high inrush current and damaging torque surge on start up.

  • 3 x 11kV 400A gas injection compressors
  • 2 x 11kV 300A water injection pumps
  • 1 x 6.6 kV 80A hot oil pumps
  • 1 x 6.6 kV 80A emergency fire pump

The Solcon Motor Protection package built in to each HRVS-DN starter ensures that above and beyond the advantages of a soft start, the motor is protected from a wide variety of damaging circumstances