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Fresh Water Pumps

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic

Products: RVS-DN and MPS-3000
Motor Ratings: 480V, 580A

Tamarindo, Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic

At the Dominican Republic, the municipality maintained water pumping station was looking for a heavy duty soft-starter, ready for operation in harsh environmental conditions of 50°C with high humidity and salty content, having the latest pump control features, yet, UL, cUL approved.

The ultimate solution was provided with the RVS-DN, Solcons' high-end soft-starter.

The RVS-DN also eliminates high inrush current that would other wise create voltage drops and mechanical shock. Solcons' pump-control software eliminates damaging water hammer that would stress water pipes, joints and check valves.

To increase motor and pump long lasting service, the MPS-3000, solcons' most advanced motor protection relay was implemented, thus providing a complete motor starting and protection solution to the Municipality operating the Tamarindo pumping station.