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Driving Water Pumps

HRVS-DN Monterrey Mexico

Product: HRVS-DN
Motor Ratings:
4160V, 400A

Monterrey, PBO Pumping Station

The City of Monterrey is located 2000 meters above sea level. Supplying water to the city requires many booster pumps operating randomly to keep the water pressure at a suitable level. With Solcon's heavy duty Soft Starter, the HRVS-DN, they were able to eliminate the high inrush current and start-up torque on every start, and to ensure the ability to soft-stop these pumps to eliminate damaging water hammer that threatens the pipe joints, valves, and instruments with every stop.

In addition to the Soft starter's functionality to soft-start and soft-stop the motor, it also provide start and stop curves that increase the life expectancy of both the pumps and the piping infrastructure. The built in Motor Protection system and the additional motor protection relay provid comprehensive protection to both the motor and the Soft Starter.